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Croatia Birding is dedicated to encouraging a deep appreciation for the diverse bird species and unique habitats found in Croatia, while contributing to their conservation and the preservation of their natural habitats. Our mission is to provide exceptional birdwatching experiences, educate the public about the importance of avian conservation, and support initiatives that ensure the long-term well-being of Croatia’s bird populations. We aim to inspire love for birds, respect for nature, and a commitment to a sustainable future for both birds and people.

Our guides

Josip is conservation ecologist, ornithologist and a passionate birder in Croatia. His interest for nature and conservation started in the early age which led him to study biology, getting his masters degree and ecology and nature protection. His true passion for birds started when he traveled to Yellowstone National Park, USA in 2014. Being on a different continent, the thing that stood out the most was a gorgeous little blue bird, which turned out to be a Mountain Bluebird (Sialia currucoides). After that, birding and eventually ornithology became a fixture in his life.
His love for birds has taken him to many different countries where he learns about the local birds and growa his understanding of their involvement in the ecosystem. While he is most knowledgable with European birds and birds of Western Palearctic, he is also familiar with birds of North America and Australia, where he has spent many days birding and traveling. He loves finding similarities with birds in different ecosystems and learning the bird songs and calls. Above all else, he enjoys sharing his knowledge with others.
Since 2015, he has been involved in different conservation efforts, monitoring schemes and conducting surveys in Croatia and abroad. His work has taken him all over Croatia, and some locations he has discovered on his own while birding with friends and family.


“Josip is an awesome birder and a fantastic guide. He made the trip very special. His knowledge of the natural history, culture, history, and especially avifauna of Croatia was a delight. It was bonus that made a very reasonably priced tour almost priceless. A pleasure to spend time with him. My best endorsement is that I am planning a follow up trip with Josip.”

Jerry R.
Fall Birding in Northern Dalmatia
“Josip led our birding trip with skill, humour, experience, and enthusiasm. We appreciated his pre-trip preparation, commitment to our needs, mid-trip searching for new birding opportunities (while we were engaged in walking in Krka NP), and a summary of bird sightings. Josip was knowledgeable, fun, very personable, and committed to guest satisfaction and safety. We would recommend Josip for any birding trip in Croatia. Well done!”

Glen H.
Custom and Anytime trip
“My husband Craig and I hired Josip for 7 days of private bird guiding in late April, 2023. Josip picked us up at the airport and we were off to an incredible experience. We were both so impressed by Josip’s knowledge of all the bird species we encountered. His ability to bird by both sight and sound allowed us to identify over 140 bird species. He made our birding adventure more meaningful with his knowledge of bird lifestyles and specific characteristics of each species. He’s also a great person to spend time with. He was so sincere in making sure we were enjoying the trip, and he fun to be around. His passion for birding is contagious. He also arranged for our hotel accommodations, which all were top notch. He had reservations for local restaurants that made each one a fine ending to the day. We would highly recommend anyone wanting to bird Croatia to contact Josip."

Shelley L.
Custom and Anytime trip